Remembering the evening glow in Murree

Yasir’s beautiful image of the typical evening glow in Murree brought back all the memories of my life there. I lived in this hill station for a couple of years. I often miss this light.

Each evening I would wait for the glow that would last for a good half an hour before the dusk. That glow would brighten my house. It is a pity that Murree is fast losing its original character and turning into a concrete jungle where buildings replace the forests, wild shrubs and little streams.

Murree was a key hill-station developed by the British during the mid nineteenth century. This is what must have lured the British civilians and soldiers who took a respite in these cool climes for nearly a century (image below is dated 1861 borrowed from here).

 After 1947, its elite-exclusive status was rightly diminished and now it is a popular resort for all and sundry in Pakistan. However, the increased influx of tourists has resulted in pressure on the infrastructure and demand for housing and accommodation.

Despite the problems and challenges, it remains an enchanting place with numerous colours and moods. 

I will travel this summer and feel the crisp evening chill after the evening glow fades into the purple sky.

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