On Gandhara Art

The Buddhist art of Gandhara influenced Indian art and sensibilities and also that of the entire Buddhist world. Read more here . Pakistan is celebrating the Gandhara week that will end on April 1. This special event coincides with the birthday of Lord Buddha who has inspired millions for centuries through his teachings, sacrifice and relentless yet gentle pursuit of nirvana.

Taxila, a small town in Pakistan was an ancient seat of learning (5th to 2nd century BC) where world’s first University was established in the Buddhist era. Buddhism however did not stay in this region for long. The resurgent Hindusim and later Islam attracted the local populace to move away from Buddhist beliefs. Two great links to Taxila can be found here and here.

I am posting a few representative images of Gandhara art that show what an extraordinary art it is in terms of its beauty and craftsmanship. A sizeable portion of Gandhara art has been vandalised, stolen and smuggled abroad. However a notable treasure is preserved in the magnificent museum of Lahore and its smaller counterpart the Peshawar museum.

The dream of Maya

 The Birth of Buddha                Buddha head

Fasting Buddha

 The Paranirvana of Buddha (below) is the end of the usual finale to the Buddha story in Gandhara relics. It symbolizes the end of a journey and beginning of a new one…

Read the related story on Buddha in Indonesia here

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