Leela – a poem by HUR

HUR occasioanlly sends his poetry. This is a compact poem on a very complex subject. I am posting it here for the readers to enjoy..

The day is about to break
and you will gather
the remains of your ache
and wait for more
before the night falls.
This circle will take rounds,
rounds will make circles
and you will go on
from the end to the very beginning
over and over again.
They tell me I hear light
at the end of the tunnel
then there is another tunnel,
the same sound of light
and then there is tunnel after tunnel.
There is hope here,
you will one day 
free yourself from this bond
when  life leaves,
you take or somebody else takes it for you.
Leela look at the possibility,
the way I do, and just hold on.

*Leela is a bonded Hari girl in Sindh

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