The talented Fatima Hasan – two poems

I am always eager to use this space to introduce emerging poets with creative energy and innate originality. I am glad that Fatima Hasan sent her fabulous poems. I immediately asked her if I could post them here and Fatima kindly agreed to my suggestion.

Fatima composes poetry in English language. She is based in Karachi, Pakistan and works for a telecommunication company. Like a quintessential poet, Fatima has been composing verse since her childhood. She plans to publish her works for sharing them with a wide cross section of readers.

This is the first of the two poems that I received from Fatima. ***
Fear of losing

 In the gloomy and tender night

Three white birds flying towards their destiny

Sailing in the world of sea

Clear and deep

Your essence so close to me

Holding me tightly into your arms

The beat of your heart as fast as ever

Cherishing the moments of being with me

Without a word, discloses all

How much you are concerned at times

How much you adore my presence

Makes me wonder, the beauty u bring to me

The world of hope

But the fear of times and you not remaining the same prevails

Her diction is unique and there is tenderness in her expression and images. Fatima was recognized as the poet of 2002 and poet ambassador of 2007 by She was also  invited to the poetry conventions held at Washington, Florida and Las Vegas in the United States. Here is the second poem that sparkles like its title.

Under the stars

Under the moonlight alone

Driving on the endless roads

Shiny stars on the blue

Not a single person could be seen

After the life loud strife

Needed the quietness of your love

After the agony of life

Needed your tender and affectionate arms around

After all toil is done

Craved the heaven which lies in you spirit

After the day’s sun

Needed to observe the shine of your eyes

After all the hatred for the world

Needed your humble words

I, setting free myself

Woke up, not knowing it was a dream I lived my life in

In Fatima’s own words, she aims to “convey her message to all those people who are inspired by the beauty of nature, the silence of the rivers, the majestic mountains and especially those special ones who touch one’s life and become ineffable..”

All luck to her and hope her work will be read widely through this blog.

Images for the poems were captured by Yasir Nisar.

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  1. There is certain tenderness in Fatima Hasan’s poetry. ‘Fear of Loosing’ is a touching poem. Not sure what the ‘third’ bird is about. Could that be a case of “Three Coins in the Fountain”.

  2. though i dont believe in romantic poems since they contribute nothing to the society except for the stereotypical cliche of spreading love that has failed by all means. this seems to be an average poem.

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