Choosing sweetness or vinegar

i don’t need
a companion who is
nasty sad and sour

the one who is
like a grave
dark depressing and bitter

a sweetheart is a mirror
a friend a delicious cake
it isn’t worth spending
an hour with anyone else

a companion who is
in love only with the self
has five distinct characters

stone hearted
unsure of every step
lazy and disinterested
keeping a poisonous face

the more this companion waits around
the more bitter everything will get
just like a vinegar
getting more sour with time

enough is said about
sour and bitter faces
a heart filled with desire for
sweetness and tender souls
must not waste itself with unsavory matters

Rumi translated by Nader Khalili (courtesy this link)

Published on May 7, 2007 at 11:47 am  Comments (3)  

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  1. That about sums up what I feel! But Sometimes life brings you to a paralell paths, and strenthen your vision so you can almost see what lies beyond the horizan; you take the risk either way you choose, because the path you can see it could be bloody, but it maybe rose petals clouding your vision, but the other narrow alley in tight to see ahead, what do you do? Why must life be so full of if’s and buts?

  2. phosphorescence1001: your questions are quite relevant. But difficult to answer – however this poem by Rumi highlights the importance of a companion who is not self-absorbed…

  3. Yes but it is ironic how one must look within themselves firstly, and realise exactly what there is to love about themselves, before they know what love is for another…for if one’s companion is self-absorbed, and you are so obsorbed in your companion…how can tell that the wine you taste is sour, it will always seem sweet because your love for yourself is as sour as old grapes…? I have come to realise that the only love greater than your own is this very love you share with others, and that whichother share with you…for me this poem higlights this sweet intoxication.

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