Visiting a Primary School in Sindh

I was in rural Sindh (in Pakistan) after many years. Met interesting people and many members of the ever expanding middle class. We also visited a few public schools – there are more students, more facilities even though the overall progress remains less than desired.

I took a few photos in one such school where the students and their intent participation in classes was most heartening. These students are from

families who cannot afford the expensive private education. State run schools are the only option for such students. The challenge is to improve their quality, coverage and standards.

Our collective cynicism often impairs the when it concerns the future of Pakistan and its younger generations. I remain an optimist. And I saw many signs that are comforting. Most teachers seemed dedicated and chose this profession voluntarily. 

 The girls on the left were asking questions in Sindhi. They had sparkling eyes brimming with hope and innocence. Admittedly, I was there for a short while and should not generalise too much.

 On the other hand, moaning about the future of the country and its state of affairs is not the solution either.

When I saw these images again, I liked the one below. I thought it spoke many words.

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