Halaku, when you will come to Baghdad this time…

Halaku, when you will come to Baghdad this time
‘Dajla’ would have cleaned her shore with tides of blood
Here one more army, army of blaze-n-rock would have camped.
For many hundred years this city of angst
which never slept, would have been slept this time

Halaku, when you will come to Baghdad this time
You will find corpses, but without heads
A tower of skulls would have been built be(for)e your entrance
Streets, lanes, inns, sanctuaries, cafes
would have been standing, spreading hands against their shadows

Ashes of libraries would have already been drifted
(and) Antiques, in bag, would have been distributed
Valued copies of god’s book and divine scrolls
whose sights kept chest of history lighted would have been burned

Halaku, when you will come to Baghdad this time
Nights of “alif Laila” (Thousand nights) while escaped from tales
wearing sheet of sunlight, sitting on sand’s cliff
would have been waiting for tale-tellers, merchants, travellers, con-mans and princes
(to see when night will fall on city)
But now neither any dawn will rise, nor a night will fall

Halaku, when you will come to Baghdad this time
(from) Ali Baba’s treasures of gold, (to) tents and field, all would have been looted
Where voguish-n-assiduous Marjeena lived, there now lived young warriors of different world
This soil has a magic, and (this) earth bears gold
(but now) there is (only) smell of oil (here)

Halaku, when you will come to Baghdad this time
than (for sure) you will not go back

Halaku ab jo tum Baghdad aaoge
to sail-e-khuuN se Dajlaa apne saahil dho chukaa hogaa
yahaaN ek aur lashkar, aatish-o-aahan ka lashkar chhaonii Daale paRaa hogaa
kaii sau saal se yeh shahar apnii be-sukuunii meN
kabhii soyaa na thaa, so aaKhir so chukaa hogaa

Halaaku ab jo tum Baghdaad aaoge
yahaaN lasheN milengii, lekin unke sar nahiiN honge
saroN kaa ek minaara tumhaare shahar meN aane se pahle ban chukaa hogaa
galii kuuche saraayeN khaanqaaheN qahvaa-Khaane
apne saaye ke muqaabil haath phailaaye khaRe honge
kutub-khaanoN kii Khaakastar uRaaii jaa chukii hogii
navaadir boriyoN meN bat chuke hoNge
kalaam Allah ke naayaab nusKhe aur sahiife
ki jin ki diid se taariiKh kaa siinaa munavvar thaa
jalaaye jaa chuke hoNge

Halaku ab jo tum Baghdad aaoge
Alif Lailaa ki raateN daastaanoN se nikal kar
dhuup kii chaadar lapeTe ret ke TiiloN pe baiThii
qissa-goyoN taajiroN sahraanvardoN shaatiroN aur shahzaadgoN ka rastaa tak rahii hongii
(ki dekheN shahar meN kab raat aatii hai)

magar ab subha aaye gi, na koi raat aaye gi

Halaaku ab jo tum Baghdad aaoge
Ali Baba ke sone ke Khariite, Khema-o-khargaah sab luT chuke honge
jahaaN ashwah taraaz-o-hiila-gar Marjeena rahtii thii vahaan ek aur hii duniaa ke nau sar baaz baiThe haiN
yahaaN miTTii me jaduu hai, zamiin sonaa ugaltii hai
havaa meN tel ki buu hai

Halaaku ab jo tum Baghdad aaoge
to phir vaapas na jaaoge

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  1. Thanks for posting this poem…

    Very strongly written by Hasan Abidi…

  2. I came looking for faiz. Found this poem and cried my eyes out. We recently did a play called 9 parts of desire, staged it at Lahore Grammar School. Written by heather Raffo, it is a play about the atrocities in Iraq from a female point of view. So the poem really hit home.
    I suggest that you read the script too. If you find it some where. Its truely a piece of art.

  3. بہت شاندار بلوگ ہے۔ خاص طور پر شاعری تو کمال کی ہے۔

  4. Ya Haqq ! and the translations is brilliantly done.

  5. my name is marJEna
    its a very nice poem
    awesome……just out of this world

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