The Suspect Pakis – “May God give us many Schindlers” 2/3

It’s very odd, that a growing fragment of society fears and hates brown people. There is no defence you can put up against a child that cowers away from you because their parents have been saying “pakis are bombing killers” loudly in their homes and those “pakis” are being pointed out with a gesture or a nod or a wink or an outright description. What do you do against such gestures? “Hey, I’m not going to blow you up, I’m a nice guy, really!”. It’s too late.”

And this is truly heartfelt:

“We were on the bus. Top deck, back of bus, classic-paki-suicide-bombing-myth-configuration. Of course, The Sun (they really should rename it The Cu*t)…thinks that brown babies are suicide bombers too. So, every reason for racists on the bus (racist children) to believe that me and my daughters were all about to blow the bus up.

Anyway, the youngest of four black kids (Nigerian Christians) was going on about Muslim churches or something. The eldest (about 11 years old) interrupted him sharply and conspiratorially started whispering in Yoruba. Then all of them started staring at us. I tried to work out what it was in their young faces. I felt dizzy with anguish. It was fear. They were terrified of us. I smiled painfully at the eldest and said “You don’t have to make it so obvious”, then grabbed my daughters and got off the bus.

I’ll never know why they were afraid.”

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Published on August 29, 2006 at 2:41 pm  Leave a Comment  

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