God- the tangled narrative

A Punjabi quartet by the Sikh poet Mohan Singh

Rabb ik gunjhaldar ibbarat, rabb ik gorakhdhandha,
Pech aes de kholde, kholde kaafir ho jaye banda,
Kaafir honon dareen na bandaya, khojon mool na khunjeen,
Lai lag mom’in de naalon, khoji kaafir changa

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Urs of Bulleh Shah

https://i2.wp.com/www.pakistanlink.com/images/URS.jpgThe annual Urs of Bulleh Shah, the Punjabi mystic poet, concluded yesterday in Kasur yesterday. Bulleh’s poetry reflected his rejection of orthodox hold of mullahs over Islam, the nexus between the clergy and the rulers and all the trappings of formal religion that created a gulf between man and his Creator. A common theme of his poetry is the pursuit of self-knowledge that is essential for the mystical union with the Beloved.



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