Amrita Shergil’s Lahore

Khalid Hasan writing for the Friday Times:

“Amrita Sher-Gil is one with the earth of Lahore. Is there no one in this city that she chose as home to build a memorial to her, or at least put a plaque at 23 Sir Ganga Ram Mansion in remembrance of a painter who has left her mark on the world in which she was not destined to live very long?”

Read the full article here that discusses her life and times in Lahore and also the little known relationship with Nehru.

More on M F Husain – the great artist

I wrote about M F Husain’s persecution at the hands of extremists here. Parvaiz Alvi sent me images of his works that were most representative of his early style. Ethereal lines and hues transform the canvas.

View the images here

Just read today that Sotheby will showcase some of his works (among other Indian artists). Loved this quote :

“I am a creative person and feel that there is no end to creativity. Only 10 per cent of what is inside me has found an expression. Even 10 lives will not be enough for me..”

What a shame that a living genius is suffering at the hands of bigots and the aesthetically challenged!

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