More on M F Husain – the great artist

I wrote about M F Husain’s persecution at the hands of extremists here. Parvaiz Alvi sent me images of his works that were most representative of his early style. Ethereal lines and hues transform the canvas.

View the images here

Just read today that Sotheby will showcase some of his works (among other Indian artists). Loved this quote :

“I am a creative person and feel that there is no end to creativity. Only 10 per cent of what is inside me has found an expression. Even 10 lives will not be enough for me..”

What a shame that a living genius is suffering at the hands of bigots and the aesthetically challenged!

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M F Husain’s woes

M.F. Husain, India’s best known painter is under threat from the guardians of public and national morality. This eccentric, 91 year old painter should be left in peace with his fantasies and creative outbursts.

Rightwing groups have called for the arrest of Husain, whose flowing white locks and beard, and habit of walking barefoot, have become iconic in Indian art circles.

Read the story here.

This reminded me yet again of Fahmida Riaz’s poem Tum bilkul hum jaisey nikley.

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