Discovering Lucia Micarelli

My young friend JC is forever introducing me to happening stuff. Yesterday, I heard Lucia in her full form. What a talent. Hear a piece from the ‘classic progressive rock star’:

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  1. absolutely amazing stuff!

  2. Excellent stuff from a really talented star. i liked her facial expression too because her expressions were chaning with music.

  3. Just wanted to thank you for posting the video. The first time I saw Lucia was at a Jethro Tull concert. I was hooked. Not only is she an amazing violinist, but she is realy absorbed and physicaly in tune with the music she plays. The video was nice and she has only gotten better since she went on tour with stupid Josh Groban. Thanks again.

  4. I really enjoyed seeing/hearing Lucia at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester on 27th May. She was brilliant. How professional to carry on regardless of her violin bow strings breaking. She gave a wonderful performance. I had the privilege of meeting her afterwards. She was just going to run off and I asked for her autograph, which so kindly gave and also agreed to have her photo taken with me (which unfortunately the camara flash didn’t work and it’s turned out v dark). Hope to catch you in Canada and maybe next time get a photo which I can treasure.

    Just a polite note to the person who thinks Josh Groban is stupid. It’s not nice to run Josh down like that, he is a kind and thoughtful person and actually helped Lucia produce her CD. I’m sure Lucia would agree that he is a fun guy to work with and he, unlike some artists, he can actually sing very well and at least the words can be heard clearly (even if not properly understood because they are in a foreign language).
    I wish you great success for the future Lucia – you deserve it. Keep up the good work.
    Love from Jerusha

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