….if you are a man of this life

if you are a man of this life
then march on this path like a man
or retire and take refuge in your house
since you’re not ready for this battle

real men drank a thousand seas and
still died of thirst
you only had a cup
yet boasted of overflowing

you claimed to reach your quest
you’ll raise all the dust
yet you’ve travelled no distance
you’ve left no mark

now humbly turn to dust
under the gallop of real men
then you’ll rise and
become a part of their journey

if you crawl for years
on the path of your quest
do not yield to grief
do not submit to distress


Translated by Nader Khalili

Courtesy Sunlight Ruminations

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Sufi Congregations – Videoclips from Zikr Sessions

My dear brother Syed Salman Chisty from Ajmer has uploaded some great links here . He has sent video clips of Sufi Zikr (spiritual gathering) in which he participated while he was in Jeddah, Al Hijaz (of all the places, yes..); and from an international conference in Singapore on Islamic spirituality. Sufism practiced in Saudia was most intriguing for me. Such Sufi congregations with music in the puritanical Saudi Arabia where Sufi practices, entrenched elsewhere in the Muslim world, are not endorsed by the state ideology of pure Islam.

The state machinery discourages worship at the shrines and has, reportedly, razed many graves of Muslim saints, companions of prophet and other luminaries of Islamic mysticism.

Here is a clip from a gathering in Jeddah:

And, watch this one from Saudia Arabia as well –

Singapore also has a thriving community of Sufis

Syed Salman serves at the dergah of Ajmer Sharif, India. He is steeped in the Chisty traditions. Here are some “Adhan” video clips from Ajmer Sharif – the blessed seat of Chishtyya Tariqat (ways of the Chistiya order of saints).

Here is a link to a website dedicated to promote World Sufi traditons.

I must thank Salman for sharing such interesting and inspiring clips..

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