The Suspect Pakis – “May God give us many Schindlers”

I have been thinking about this all weekend. Read this post from an aptly titled blog, Suspect Paki on Friday and am still haunted by some of the lines.

Immigrants and immigration debates aside, when a forty year old British born and bred Muslim is a “suspect”, the world needs to take notice. Of course, we are all too aware of the re-construction of the [Pakistani] Muslim identity in the name of world security and freedom. Many overlooked the soft racism of the media exemplied by the term British born Muslims. Robert Fisk was quick to complain about it when the so called terror plot was revealed recently.

Here are a few excerpts from the post “May I Live In Interesting Times” from Suspect Paki:

“The journey to work is interesting. The really young kids still smile back when I smile at them. The slightly older ones retreat back towards the arm of a racist parent – black or white. Like this evening on the way back from work. Yesterday was a result. A kid smiled back at me. He was white. His mother was too. She looked at me like I was a piece of shit. If you’re not a paki, you will never understand

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  1. May Allah bless you, brother, and ease your heart. There are always the fearful and the haters who look at anyone not white with suspicion. I am the son of Holocaust survivors, so I have heard worse stories. England has a long history of Norman hating Saxon, white hating black, but so does some of the populace in every country. America was the worst of the lot in many ways. The country was born out of a desire to escape the hatred and persecution of Europe, and so we fought for our Independence, then proceeded to practice genocide on the red race and enslave a black race, imported for just that purpose.

    Have things changed? A bit, and in the course of time, this too shall pass, inshallah.

    Ya Haqq!

  2. An article full of words of wisdom to uplift our souls and provide solace by M.M.Pickthall

    May Allah(SWT) guide us and protect us. Ameen

    Jazaak Allah Khair, brother

  3. Maybe if a major percentage of your religion and countrymen werent vowing and attempting to kill every jew and christian on the face of the earth things might not be as they are. On the subject of racism or race fear, it is a natural reaction to fear what is different than yourself. Only through education and socialization can racism be stopped. Music works great too but then the most muslim communitys have outlawed that. Drugs also have a way( although not recommended) of breaking the race barrier.
    My last comment would be on the state of Islam …. If your house is dirty then people will see you as unclean, If you want people to accept our house then you must be the one to clean it and dont be to proud to accept help if it is offered………..
    with sincerety and hopes for peace,
    Jerome, christian, human. and citizen of the earth…….

  4. Guess you are not the only one suffering at the hands of “Whites, with Black hearts”.My first time to a land
    inhabited by “Whites”, and all the images that I had in my mind of an Educated(do they even know how to spell the word…?),understanding,warm and an overall decent people, lay shattered.
    Any place I went, I was judged by the colour of my skin.Buses,shopping malls,public places…anywhere and
    everywhere.I could see that look of contempt and hatred on their white faces, a look emanating from their black hearts.While standing in a check out queue at a
    shopping mall,I was the only one whose card was refused,whose currency notes were subject to scrutiny and whom the security guard made realize, in not so subtle a manner, that in the eyes of the whites,he was a potential shop lifter.
    Believe it or not,till now I had been dead set against discrimination.Guess now I will have to do a rethink.
    Quid pro quo.
    Believe me when I say I can relate to what you must have felt.

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