Lies, Half Truths and Deceit

There is talk of war again. There is a familiar web of lies, half-truths and deceit. As if the smouldering cities and dying civilians in Iraq were not enough to quench the blood-thirst, the global war machine now wants another victim.

A friend of mine sent me a piece by Greg Mitchell titled  ‘NYT’ Reporter Who Got Iraqi WMDs Wrong Now Highlights Iran Claims. It exposes how the mainstream, establishment friendly media gurus are at work again:

“NEW YORK Saturday’s New York Times features an article, posted at the top of its Web site late Friday, that suggests very strongly that Iran is supplying the “deadliest weapon aimed at American troops” in Iraq. The author notes, “Any assertion of an Iranian contribution to attacks on Americans in Iraq is both politically and diplomatically volatile.”

What is the source of this volatile information? ….”

Read the full story here

Published on May 14, 2007 at 4:25 pm  Leave a Comment  

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