Dating in Pakistan (rambling on the Valentine’s Day)

Mayank Austen Soofi in Delhi is an interesting character. A good writer and a prolific blogger, he is also fascinated by Pakistan. One of his blogs is called Pakistan Paindabad. We have never met but thanks to the blogosphere we have occasional conversations.

Recently, Mayank converted a few email exchanges into an interview and posted it on Pakistan Paindabad. I could have never imagined that I would be quoted as a dating expert, but then I have my twopence views on every subject!

I am not posting the whole interview as it would be a little too egotistical. However, read two quotes from this interview:

I have problems with this whole expression “dating” and what it implies. The concept has a western genesis that is promoted and sustained by the popular media. It is now getting more and more embedded due to globalization. When I was young, Valentine’s Day was hardly known. Now, not only the Valentine’s Day, but the Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and other blahs blahs are sold on the consumer shelves for quick emotional gratification.

And another one:

Traditional values are being challenged. There is a struggle between Islamists and what one would call the moderates (I am not comfortable with this term, but can’t think of another one) taking place in Pakistan. You have a free media here with pop music and radio talk shows blaring out flirtatious conversations and sighs. On the other hand, you also have the Islamic parties in the parliament and the provinces. These are interesting times for Pakistan and I am optimistic. The good from the tradition will survive and all the crap will end up in the dustbin of history.

Read the full story here. This interview was also posted on

Finally, an anonymous comment on this interview made a great point:

Question about love – which does not require to be Islamic or otherwise. Do we ever ask anyone does dating falls within the structures of orthodox Christianity or Buddhist teachings and social setup. Why is there such an eagerness on the world’s part to term things Islamic or unIslamic all the time? Since we have to constantly do this, we end up bracketing things either here or there and eventually start believing them to be as such.

Well said…

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