Bulleh Shah and Abida Parveen

Bulleh Shah’s timeless verse has been celeberated by several artists but it is Abida Parveen the immensely gifted singer,  a bit of dervish herself, who has celebrated Bulleh’s poetry to the fullest. Perhaps in the spirit of magic and mystical abandon with which Bulleh mused and uttered these lines…

Here is something that I came across today – I have been listening to this piece for years but to see it on youtube – so easily accessible – with half decent subtitles was exciting to say the least.

And, in the state of depression that every Pakistani has been since the Karachi carnage this was even more soothing. Not that the wounds will be healed so soon.

Bravo, Abida-ji for infusing so many dimensions to this immortal poetry..

Indus Valley Civilisation – another discovery

There is more to the Indus valley civilization than we think.

“The discovery of rare objects during an excavation expedition in Cholistan desert by local and foreign archaeologists have raised hopes of presence of ruins identical to that of Mohenjodaro and Harappa.

A rare seal of copper, a terracotta block, three wedge-shaped bricks, pottery with distinct potter marks and four unicorns (a mythical animal) were dug out from the dried-out channel of the Hakra river by a team of archaeologists …” 

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