Hope – A poem by Ayesha Salman

I had earlier posted a few poems by Ayesha Salman. She has sent me her new poem which, true to her style, is original and inventive with the diction. 

You pour in me deliciously
Soothing my mind
Settling my soul
Steady in your faith
Aching for a promise
left unsaid
A green breeze sweeps us up,
In slow mornings of dazzling jasmine,
While the pendulum ticks on
Waking us- to red grass sliding beneath our feet
We live in the shade,
you and i
the cold white light between us.

Murree Ghosts – my recent painting

I have been busy with discovering the pleasure of painting – playing with colours and mixing visions and inspirations with linseed oil. The results are alas not that great. However, it is the process of being focused on and immersed in the canvas, that I find most elevating.

The painting above is inspired by my beloved sun room cum study in Murree Hills where I spent many seasons and just cannot get it out of my system. The light still melts somewhere deep inside.

I have never been so excited, notwithstanding the evident lack of talent and much needed art instruction.

All I know is what Van Gogh had said decades ago:

If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.