Surveys show that Pakistanis (and Muslims) reject “terrorism”

The Daily Times Pakistan has published a story on surveys carried out by various organizations. The results are quite revealing not least for Pakistan.

Pakistani liberals would need to change their view that it is a society heading towards extremism and the Jihad-flaunting Islamists would be upset that they are not supported by an overwhelming majority. Most importantly, the global media barons would also be left bewildered as their spin-doctors and experts have been, to a great degree, proven wrong!

Highlights of the story:

“..86 percent of Pakistanis believe that terrorist attacks on civilians are never justified, while only 46 percent of Americans hold the same view.

…nearly half of Westerners associate Islam with violence and Muslims with terrorism.

..When the West wrongly attributes radical views to all of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims, it perpetuates a myth ..

.. far-too-frequent stereotyping of Muslims serves only to reinforce the radical appeal of the small minority of Muslims who peddle hatred of the West and others as authentic religious practice.

… for most people, their professed support of terrorism/Bin Laden could be more accurately characterised as a kind of “protest vote” against current US foreign policies, not as a deeply held religious conviction or even an inherently anti-American or anti-Western view.

…that Muslims throughout the world want peace as much as Americans do.”

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Published on February 26, 2007 at 6:20 am  Comments (2)  

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  1. Indeed it is true for many in Pakistan that profession of support for Osama does not equate with the killing of innocent civilians. It is just a protest vote, or perhaps Schadenfreude at any misery, of any nature, that could be inflicted on the West. However, there is a deeply insidious side to this, which is that if our elders, or parents let’s say, do not tell their children otherwise, that violence against civilians is wrong, be they Muslim, Christian or Jew, it is inevitable that those younger ones will take such passive support by many to its logical conclusion, i.e. violence. Part of our problem is blindness to the deep neuroses and self-hatred existing in our own society. When life itself is of no value, what else is there left? We must question ourselves before we question others.

  2. As good as the report is, one can presume that hardly anyone will notice it in these times.

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