Murree Ghosts – my recent painting

I have been busy with discovering the pleasure of painting – playing with colours and mixing visions and inspirations with linseed oil. The results are alas not that great. However, it is the process of being focused on and immersed in the canvas, that I find most elevating.

The painting above is inspired by my beloved sun room cum study in Murree Hills where I spent many seasons and just cannot get it out of my system. The light still melts somewhere deep inside.

I have never been so excited, notwithstanding the evident lack of talent and much needed art instruction.

All I know is what Van Gogh had said decades ago:

If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.

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  1. Raza, I know the feeling: If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot write,” then by all means write, and that voice will be silenced.

    But have you read “Lust for Life”? It was based on Van Gogh’s life. It was an inspiring yet terrifying read. I’m fond of the painter but do not want to live the way he lived. I think I’m not that strong. I can’t survive hunger.

  2. ghazab ki painting. ba-Khudaa lutf aa gayaa. aapke is jauhar ke to ham mo’tarif ho gaye….

  3. This is just wonderful, Raza ! I like to call it “Parrallel Planes, Parallel Lines).

  4. i love the details and the color combination – it gives the feeling warmth.

  5. bahut achhe ! – maza aa gaya

  6. Not bad for a first try Raza. I have a couple of friends artists who can give you a few pointers too…let me know when you are in Islamabad next.

  7. Raza thats such a nice painting. I like the juxtaposition of colours which gives it a mellowy touch… aur bhi share karna :–)

    I see many new interesting entries in your blog, haven’t been able to catchup due to ill-health. will be back, fingers crossed 🙂

  8. hmm, the painting portrais another aspect of your multi-dimensional talent Raza. It gives one the feeling of sun warmth. Enlighten our senses with a few more.

  9. Interesting work. Reminds me of Matisse with his colorful tapestries and screens and plain mono-color objects. Here the very Pakistani Bokhara carpet and Teak furniture in the room are featured in bright colors while the man and the woman, the windows and the drapes, are not. The room is the “stage” and the real “story” while the couple are just incidental “actors” and “characters” . Very nice job Raza. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  10. Thanks Mr. Rumi for your comment. You have got a great blog and the good thing is that unlike most other Pakistani bloggers you update it often. Van Gogh rightly said that by all means paint because our primary purpose for painting or writing is to satisfy our creative instincts. Ghalib says:

    Seekhay hain mah-rukhon kay liye hum musawwari
    Taqreeb kuch to bahr-e-mulaqat chahiye

    But this is not the reason that I’ve created a blog 🙂

  11. The overall effect of light is nice. It gives it a warm touch.

  12. why can I not see the painting 😦

  13. Mr.Rumi, please continue painting. Art is unquestionably subjective. Your rendition and interpretation of what you feel is depicted on canvas. It is unique, which makes it special. I actually love the blend of colours and your tilted perspective by the carpet design is drawing the eye from the start of the room to the windows. God! I just sound like one of those PBS Art documentary narrators.

    I hope you continue to pursue this ‘call’. I dabble in it myself..and the satisfaction one gets is immense.

  14. What a wonderful piece of writing
    “LITTLE FLUTE”Why so proud…

  15. The painting reminds me of my obsession to become a civil servant and the time i spent at your place in Murree. I still recall your advice that to become a lawyer is better than so-called service to the people. This new venture of urs and budding talent in u impressed me.

  16. beautiful Raza ,keep on painting

  17. You are talented! I also paint- gotta have good linseed oil for the oil paints. Acrylics are fun too. But I’m not that good with the brush, better at sketching…

  18. I am stuck to paint since a decade, exploring myself at other junctions of life, the comment made me inspire to paint, THANK U! Colours r wondrful!

  19. i m imagining i m in d same room
    enjoying d crystal clear light of my love muree
    i can feel d beauty around
    thnx for sharing
    u made my night 🙂

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