Abida Parveen sings “teray ishq nachaya..”

As I recited Bulleh Shah’s poetry this evening, a friend sent a link to another video of Abida Parveen singing Bulleh’s mystic poetry in her inimitable style. Lo and behold, I also found an online translation of the verse (see below after the video).

Here is a translation of the verse rendered in this video:

O Physician, come back! my life is ebbing away.
Compelled by love, I dance, I dance.

This love has set up camp inside me.
It is I, who filled the cup with this poison and drank it.
Come back right away, else, I will surely die.
Compelled by love, I dance, I dance.

The sun has set, its glow remains.
Grant me a sight of you again! I would die for it!
What a mistake I made, not going with you.
Compelled by love I dance, I dance.

Mother do not bar me from this love.
Whoever turns back unloaded boats that have left?
How foolish I was, not going with the boatman.
Compelled by love I dance, I dance.

Peacocks sing in the groves of love.
My beautiful beloved is my Ka’ba, my Qibla.
He injured me, then turned away.
Compelled by love I dance, I dance.

Bullhe Shah, I sit at Inayat’s door,
He clothed me in robes of green and red.
When I stamped my heel, I found him.
Compelled by love I dance, I dance.


For another version of Punjabi and English, please click here.

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  1. if you search youtube you’ll find much more of abida parveen: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=abida+parveen&search=Search

    also – taimur afghani sings heer beautifully:

  2. Thanks! I have heard it often, but must say that watching is another experience !

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  4. Wow…I simply love her! I can’t believe I had not heard of her until last week. btw thanks for the translation of lyrics; the soul feels the truth and music transcends language but we are a people of words and the words make the difference.

  5. nothing like listening to his views and listening her sing with all the emotions live 🙂

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