Love and reputation

Love and reputation, brother,
are not in harmony:
don’t stand at the door of reputation, if you are a lover.


Version by Camille and Kabir Helminski

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  1. Once again, something that I have along these lines by Rumi…

    Dear heart, you are so unreasonable!
    First you fall in love than worry about your life
    You rob and steal and then worry about the law
    You profess to be in love
    yet still worry about what people say…

    This debate about love and reputation is something many poets have dealt with. Let me also post a few lines from one of the famous songs of Nusrat Fateh Ali that dwell on the same theme…

    Kithay ishq da roug na la baitheen
    Jind wakhtaan wich na paa baitheen

    Inhain heer lai zehraan gholian nay
    Inhain sasiyaan sohniyaan rowliyaan nay
    Ida kithay wasa na la baitheen
    Kithay ishq da roug na la baitheen

    Ees ishq day kowlon bach kuryay
    Tenu Hafiz kehnda sach kuryay
    Na izzat shaan ganwaa baitheen
    Kithay ishq da roug na la baitheen

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  3. …it is true…as a famous Hindi film song says: “kuch to log kahenge, unka kaam hai kehna.”

  4. beautiful words!

  5. Liked your posts.My family comes from Jalapur Jattan in Pakistan and I love Punjabi/Urdu/Sufi poetry.

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