Karachi – some lines from Ibne Insha

I am grateful to my long lost friend Zaman for sharing these remorseful lines from Ibn-e-Insha, the great Urdu poet and writer.

I am posting the original version in Urdu along with a maladroit translation (attempted by this author).

Meri Hasratoon ka Roma
Meri Wehshatoon ka Deli
Mera Baldia Karachi

Mujhey Aur Kon Janey
Yehi dey to dey Gawahi
Key Haseen Sooratoon say
Yahan her gali bharee thee.

The Rome of my unfulfilled desires
The Delhi of my wildernesses
My city Karachi

Who else knows me?
Only Karachi can testify
Beautiful faces, once,
lived here on every street

Image above is from here

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  1. How apt and beautiful. Flawless translation by the way, in my humble opinion.

  2. Omer: You are generous – but how sad that we see the destruction (once again) of a great city!

  3. I know what you mean. Karachi is where I was born, where I spent my formative years and although, I have been away from it for so long, a part of me still resides there and always will.

    To see my city, (yes, I stake claim to it too) face such destruction and chaos was so very painful to watch. My heart bleeds for it…

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