M F Husain’s woes

M.F. Husain, India’s best known painter is under threat from the guardians of public and national morality. This eccentric, 91 year old painter should be left in peace with his fantasies and creative outbursts.

Rightwing groups have called for the arrest of Husain, whose flowing white locks and beard, and habit of walking barefoot, have become iconic in Indian art circles.

Read the story here.

This reminded me yet again of Fahmida Riaz’s poem Tum bilkul hum jaisey nikley.

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  1. Maqbool Fida Hussain has been my favorite for years now. He been in trouble with the authorities before. He will ride through this one too.

  2. Fahimda Riaz ki nazam achhi quote ki hai !!

    Bohut achhe.

  3. thanks for this. i was not aware of his recent non-sense.

    its seriously disturbing to the mind of any creative person what Hussain is facing.

  4. M.F Hussain is one of my favourite artist but sometimes his creativity takes him to a debatable point.i think we might start a new discussion Raza that how much freedom does an artist have?

  5. Its not just Hussain who is facing this persecution.From time to time such bigots surface to brow beat authors(Taslima),film makers(Deepa Mehta)and many others.The hopeful thing is that Hussain continues to be revered for his work and for who he is.Inshallah he should be back where he belongs(with us) soon.

  6. Hey what happened to my comment where I said that M.F Hussain will be back with us,where he belongs,sooner rather than later.Our country,like others,goes through these bouts of madness when artists are hounded for parochial reasons but India is much more than the acts of a few and we want our artist back and we will bring him back.The Supreme Court has already thrown the case against him,out of the court.

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