Another image of Amrita Shergil’s work

This is a rich, sensuous and haunting work capturing the mood of 1930s (perhaps) and telling the story in a Western format adapted by a genius. Full entry here >>


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  1. something I had posted in my journal by Amrita Shergil, thought I’d share it with you.Unfortunately,I have not been able to find much written material by her except for her famous, ‘aj akhan Waris Shan noon.’ I would really like to get an urdu or punjabi version of this piece by Amrita.

    I will meet you yet again
    How and where? I know not.
    Perhaps I will become a
    figment of your imagination
    and maybe, spreading myself
    in a mysterious line
    on your canvas,
    I will keep gazing at you.

    Perhaps I will become a ray
    of sunshine, to be
    embraced by your colours.
    I will paint myself on your canvas
    I know not how and where —
    but I will meet you for sure.

    Maybe I will turn into a spring,
    and rub the foaming
    drops of water on your body,
    and rest my coolness on
    your burning chest.
    I know nothing else
    but that this life
    will walk along with me.

    When the body perishes,
    all perishes;
    but the threads of memory
    are woven with enduring specks.
    I will pick these particles,
    weave the threads,
    and I will meet you yet again.

    —-Amrita Pritam.

  2. Dear Asma
    many thanks for the poem. In Punjabi it is: “Mein Tainu Fayr millan gi”. You are referring to Amrita Pritam the Punjabi writer and poet who wrote this poem. If you are in Pakistan then you could read the Punjabi version of this poem in Afzal Tauseef’s essay on Amrita recently published by Classic Publishers, The Mall Lahore. Maybe I will also post the original version here.
    I wrote an article on Amrita’s death quoting this poem and that can be accessed here
    thanks again and keep visiting!!

  3. thank you for your help Raza. ūüôā

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