The Cow – a parable

Amardeep has posted the following Sufi parable related by Idries Shah with a request to respond to his humorous interpretation. Full entry here >>


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  1. This sense of disregard for ‘duniya’ is there in all the schools of thought, not just Sufism. Its lot easier said than done 😀

  2. To me the story says: don’t look for a cow that gives so much milk, but for one that doesn’t kick its milk away.
    From within, with love, Marta Franceschini

  3. Actually, the disregard for ‘duniya’ is dangerous. At best, it leads to a one-sided development, spiritually, which may allow one to attain exalted states, like Nirvana, and in that capacity choose to liberate oneself from the duniya. However, that leaves one big question unanswered. Why then this world? Assuming God created it, why did he do it? Is his decreed fate for it abandonment?
    I believe this otherwordly emphasis led to a lot of wasted effort and stagnation in Hinduism for a long time. The ‘Brahma Satyam Jagat Mithya’ …. God is real, World is an Illusion …. take was very debilitating. The last 100 years see a reversal of that in mystical teachings of India. The world is being taken into account while thinking of the big ‘WHY’ question…

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