Thinking Blogger Award?

Jahane Rumi has been conferred with the ‘thinking blogger’ award – read here. This is quite encouraging even though there is not much of original thinking here! I suppose I can think and do indulge in the world of ideas but quite frankly I lack the discipline and rigour that makes one a wholesome thinking person/blogger.

Anyway I am grateful to Quasi Fictional for the recognition.

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  1. Congratulations! Even though you say “there is not much of original thinking here,” you open the world up to topics and places that aren’t discussed or are unknown to many. You provide a blog space that encourages reason, appreciation, and most importantly, a dialog between countries. I believe, or should I say, I hope that you are on a wave of a new trend towards positive communication in our global community.
    Cheers, my friend!


  2. Congratulations for the award


  3. Your blog richly deserves rewards like these. Congrats!!! Keep it up!

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