Mian Mir

Yesterday, devotees were lighting lamps at the shrine of Mian Mir in Lahore to commemorate the saint’s 383rd Urs (death anniversary). Full article here >>


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  1. Mian Mir holds a special place in Sikh history. He was a close friend of the Sikhs’ Guru Arjan, who invited him to lay the foundation stone for the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

  2. yes you are right. Mian Mir reached out to all religions and faiths. Please let us know more on this aspect of his life. It would be great to know..

  3. You can find more about Mian Mir and Guru Arjan at this wikipedia link:


    While many people are under the impression of an antagonistic relationship between Sikhs and Muslims of that time, obviously, it wasn’t always the case. Mian Mir had a very close relationship with the Sikhs.

  4. From Jahangir’s memoirs: “As it was reported to me that in Lahore one Miyan Sheikh Muhammad Mir by name, who was a dervish, a Sindhi by origin, very eloquent, virtuous, austere, of auspicious temperament, a lord of ecstasy … and was rich in his poverty and independent of the world, my truth-seeking mind was not at rest without meeting him, and desire to see him increased”.

  5. GA
    Thanks for the reference from Jehangir’s memoirs. It is remarkable that the Mughals were fond of keeping journals and placed importance in recording the events of their age. We have benefitted from their observations and views including the one you just posted above.

  6. You are welcome. I know that Baber, Humayun, and Jahangir wrote memoirs. Shah Jahan didn’t write them himself but had scribes write down the history of his reign. I am not sure if Aurangzeb wrote any journals.

  7. Thank you for the pictures. I went to Mian Mir’s mazaar and Urs & mela (fair) several times when I was a child. According to Hansen’s book “the Peacock Throne: the Drama of Mogul India,” Dara Shikoh had gathered red stone in Lahore to build a road from the Lahore Fort to Mian Mir’s shrine. However, Aurangzeb had Dara executed and used the same red stone to build the Badshahi Masjid.

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