Women Sufis of Delhi

One of my favourite verses of the Quran is Surah Al Azhab which makes it  clear that spiritual blessings are intended for both righteous men and women who are equal in the eyes of God.

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  1. What an intersting material, thank you so mcuh to bringing this up!
    I just bumped into your blog and was amazed to find much similarity with my one 🙂 – theme and topics! I also write about woman and spirituality…

  2. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Thank you.

  3. Enjoyed the piece very much!Can anyone share some details about Bibi Pakdaman Lahore?

  4. Don’t know who sent this to me but am pleased they did (so thanks!). I am researching the connection between female awliya’ and politics. Jahanara is an obvious starting point in the sub-content, just as Nana Asma’u is for Nigeria. I would welcome any suggestions or links from your readers.

  5. It’s really an amazing material and a great blog, thank you. Until now I have heard very little of women sufis though I am writing on spirituality in my blog and I am very grateful to you for revealing this topic and for widening people’s outlook. I will definitely recommend your article to my acquaintances.

  6. There is no one day I can’t help to think about God. I talk to Him. I ask him questions and wait for the answers. I silently mourne, I smile, I listen. I walk at his side. Kiss him goodnight.
    However there are times He keeps mute, or either I get dull. This is one of those. I feel suddendly cold, sourranded by a desert land. Inesorably sed. And most of all scared. I feel scared He has abandoned me, left me down. Scared to have missanderstood His love, mistaken it for something else. Or worse, to have deceive myself! I have found a God of Love because it is more confortable, easy to dealt with. To me He is always gentle and receiving. But this is because I have created Him to my needs, to my expectations. I pictured Him as I wanted…as I wished…Such a God it doesn’t exist. He is probabely terrible and punishing as they say. And He certenly does not love me at all.
    When I think so, I want to fell down to earth, not to get up anymore. Light has been cut off. Silent reigns. I’m lost. Try to remember all the times He hold my hand, all the times I sweared to myself I will never forget. I shiver through my memories…no help arrives, no wisper is heard.
    Finally I slump, I desperately pray God not to leave me, not to let me sunk without Him, not to deprive me of His hold. Not to extinguish my hope, the only possible meaning I know, the only I want. I implore Him to keep loving me, to come closer, to touch my bleeding heart.To let me be One again. Please answer me, I cry, please answer me.

    I wrote this to Him, I’m sending it through you, Rumi. Thanky you for being here with me.

    I close with a peom of Iqbal which I deeply love:

    Words spoken from the heart never fail to have effect;
    Sacred and pure their origin, on lofthy heights their sights are set.
    They have no wings and yet they have power to fly;
    They rise from the dust and pierce through the sky.
    So headstrong and insolent was my love, so much on mischief bent,
    So outspoken my plaint, it tore through the firmament.

    Marta Franceschini

  7. An excellent article on the lives of these Allah Fearing women. May Allah Almighty make our women follow the teachings of Quran and Holy Prophet(Peace Be Upon Him) like these Wali Women. Amen

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