Two pictures – many stories

Nearly eight years ago, this image of General Musharraf made headlines..

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  1. Many political observers interpreted Musharraf’s well known picture exhaustively providing insight into the kind of liberal lifestyle that was publicly exhibited. The second picture of Benazir actually signals the coming of next tamasha enacted jointly by another set of hypocritical leaders joined by daughter of east- the so-called liberal and progressive chief of the political force this nation has had already experienced. One after another, these variety of leaders seem like the only choices the rest of world believes we can make in 21st century. Looks like we will never cease to surprise outside world and keep demonstrating our capacity of digesting the rank stupidities of dictators and democrats alike. And still you talk about the symbolism of these two pictures!!

  2. If anything another recent well-known photograph in which the police manhandled the top judge is of great symbolic value and worthy of being posted along with these two photos so that readers could conclude what does symbolism sometimes mean. This photo in my view singulalry explains the entire contemporary history of Pakistan….!!!

  3. I wonder if the appearance of the dogs is directly related to the ascendency of the regime. If the kutta is any indicator, then BB’s sitara is about to rise.

  4. I notice that the General has a pair of ‘lap-dogs’, while BB has a hunting-dog. Does that draw the on-lookers’ attention towards the political ideologies of these two? :>

  5. ….Looks like if she comes to power again benazir bhutto would really take pakistan ahead with liberalism.

  6. I don’t see your point…?????

  7. My point is that having lived through Benazir’s rule, my confidence that “if she comes to power again benazir bhutto would really take pakistan ahead with liberalism” is much less than yours.

    Or were you being sarcastic?

  8. No I wasn’t being sarcastic. However, you edited my comments ?????. I was only pointing towards revelations of Benazir Bhutto’s liberal lifestyle.

  9. I don’t edit this site–you’ve have to take thatup with Raza.

    So did you get my point?

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