Visiting a Primary School in Sindh

I was in rural Sindh (in Pakistan) after many years. Met interesting people and many members of the ever expanding middle class.

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  1. Lovely photographs, especially the last one as it mkes anyone pray that all the deams and hopes of these children come true. What a lovely shot. Is there a way to financially assist these schools in the rural parts of Pakistan?

  2. One foundation opening schools in rural Sindh is Osar Foundation. They are also operating a school in Hyderabad, majority of whose students are poor and on scholarships.

  3. Gul Agha Sb
    Many thanks for visiting the blog and leaving this information. I will visit the link and also post it later ..
    Keep visiting

  4. Picture of Punjab University (old campus) took me many years back when we were there,these flowers used to be there at that time just like today…..

    Kuch din to baso meri ankhon main
    Phir khawab agar ho jao to kia……

  5. Nadima, thanks for the comment. And what a beautiful verse you quoted..

  6. Dear Raza I have been thinking that this blog of ours is missing humor and a little bit of Science, if you don’t mind.

    with best regards,

  7. We all deal with Science through TV, IPods, Internet, Play Stations and digital cameras every second of everyday-esp if you live and work in the US- why deal with it on this beautiful oasis-like-retreat blog!

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