Faiz translated by Vikram Seth

Came across this beautiful translation of Faiz’s touching verse by Vikram Seth.

It is a great translation as it ventures to capture the melody and the mood of the original.

Last night your faded memory came to me
As in the wilderness spring comes quietly,
As, slowly, in the desert, moves the breeze,
As, to a sick man, without cause, comes peace.

 image credit

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I have heard about Vikram Seth’s interest in Urdu poetry especially Ghalib.

  2. Seth is one of my favourite writers of both prose and poetry and I always thought this was a particularly well done translation. Glad to see someone else endorsing that point of view.

    (I had never seen this Seth photo before, quite a nice one)

  3. Dear Sabizak
    Many thanks for the comment. Yes Seth is truly gifted and also a favourite of mine. His prose is lyrical and imbued with a poetic balance; and his poetry is simply outstanding. Have you read the Golden Gate?
    Please keep visiting…

  4. It’s a picture of Faiz, not Seth!

    If Seth has translated to see any other Faiz poems, would love to see them too.

  5. Dear MH
    The picture of Vikaram Seth is right at the end of this post. Please scroll down to see it. I am not sure if there are other pieces but will check again.
    thanks for visiting.

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