Basant Moods – Lahore and Beyond

Lahore skies must be covered with kites today.  Basant is the most loved public event. A newspaper report said:



 “you’re either here or you’re a square – Lahore to host biggest ever Basant celebrations today..”

Tonight, So there will be fun and frolic all day long and shall continue into the early hours of the morning. There have been efforts to ban the event due to the dangers it poses to human life. But the Courts and the government relented.

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Surveys show that Pakistanis (and Muslims) reject “terrorism”

The Daily Times Pakistan has published a story on surveys carried out by various organizations. The results are quite revealing not least for Pakistan.

Pakistani liberals would need to change their view that it is a society heading towards extremism and the Jihad-flaunting Islamists would be upset that they are not supported by an overwhelming majority. Most importantly, the global media barons would also be left bewildered as their spin-doctors and experts have been, to a great degree, proven wrong!