Petal to Petal …..More of Parveen Shakir

Nirmal has been visiting this blog and requesting for more translations of Parveen Shakir. I have found some on the Internet and here they are. Translations cannot do justice to the original pieces. Nuances are lost and metaphors change their shape. However, some of these are quite creative! 

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  1. It’s great that you post both Urdu and the translation. I like reading the poetry in Urdu but always find myself looking for the translation for meanings of certain Urdu words that I don’t understand. English translation on its own isn’t sufficient either because I then get lost in translation along with the nuances.

  2. Excellent post Rumi

  3. Great post & thanks for sharing Parveen shakir’s kalam. I love to read it

  4. Jugnoo, Manzoor and Cubano
    Many thanks for visiting and liking the post. Nirmal, is a young woman who loves Parveen’s poetry (she seems to be still popular with her young audience). In the process of finding some poems, I found many translations and also revisited some of the poems I had read ages ago..
    Yes, reading them in both Urdu and English is fun – though one feels how much is lost during the translation!

  5. Stumbled on yr blog on a sunless saturday noon..

    Just wanted to give a big thumbs up fr the good work !, many dry souls r sure to find some solace.

    Finally a confession I am hooked.. 🙂

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    sir i believe

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