“Seeds of peace on cricket field”


Saw this insightful piece by a Pakistani researcher in the Baltimore Sun.



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  1. Very true. The exchange of artists and sportsmen will continue and after a while Pakistan will again be upto some mischied and it will be back to square one. Permanant peace remains a pipe dream.

  2. Hiren, thanks for visiting the blog and leaving your comment.
    However, I do not agree with your comment.

    Let us leave the past behind us and look towards the future. Both the governments have shown remarkable, unprecedented maturity in handling the Samjotha express tragedy and this augurs well for the ongoing peace process.

    About Pakistan’s alleged ‘mischief’, I wish to avoid entering into an acrimonious debate on my peace-promoting blog….

  3. I guess we Indians need a honest internal dialogue with ourselves. Are we gaining anything from the conflict? We means most of us. Anything?

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