On a Clear Day – A poem by HUR

 HUR – a reluctant poet in Islamabad – has sent a lovely poem. It was left as a comment on a post but deserves to be highlighted and posted as a stand alone object of beauty…

Poem here >>

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  1. yes
    we should cherish
    clear days
    few and far in between
    for am a cloud

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  3. A new Poem

    Window 2×2 without a View

    A low 2×2 window
    painted dark green
    on the outside
    faced a wall
    dug with undying
    will to die in the name of God.

    She had stood up
    against the window
    for six years out of her eight
    and looked at the idea
    beyond the room
    filled with orphans and abandoned.

    She had twenty five
    of the thirty chapters in her heart,
    she could recite them all
    to the pleasure of the Almighty.
    The carnage she was
    told was His will.

    Other than hunger
    she was free from
    pain and despair.
    She had never tasted a bullet,
    hamburger or even a
    bar of chocolate cheese.

    Television, merry go round,
    song and dance had
    not crossed her life.
    She was too young
    for lipstick, eyelash or mascara.
    She also was too young for this massacre.

    Two by two window
    with dark green paint
    and a hint of white turned all black
    that day.
    The wall was bombed to rubble
    but opened a view.

    23 July 2007

  4. Raza Sahib,
    This one is fresh.

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  6. Wrenches the very last emotion out of any breathing soul…breathtaking!

  7. Thoughtless in thought of nothing
    I see thee watching
    blind and obscure hole it was
    parting between two worlds
    or there are many
    I wonder…my vision would ever encompass
    I wish I could see the difference
    A numbness in heart
    A deafness of soul
    A cry that may pierce heaven
    Let’s moan to ourselves
    Death is amongst us
    All doors closed
    Those already escaped missed raven
    who foretold his becoming was essential
    to loose hold on hatred, envy and revenge
    Lessen the burden of Earth O God
    heavy like my heart
    choked like my breath
    it needs to lighten, freshen
    All my prayers were heard
    I saw…a window did open!

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