India-Pakistan Peace Train (the journey must continue)

One day after the tragic bomb blast on the peace train, life goes on. The resilience of people in our part of the world is remarkable. Full entry here >>


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  1. Alhamdulillah!

  2. i dont understand why pakis are still allowed to come to india since it is them who are the terrorists

  3. I was just thinking about this. Even before any investigation we know who did it. Indian investigation will invariably yield some LeT operatives etc. as the guilty. Pakistan will deny involvement.

    It all looks like the same drama on a different setting each time.

    I am tired.

  4. Manas
    I agree with you – we are all tired of this silly game that will lead us nowhere. We need mature leaderships and an active citizenry to counter this vicious cycle.

    Nameless: Indeed thou shalt remain nameless as you do not have the courage to use your name or identity. We have to stand up against such misguided yet nameless views and sentiments. And we will resist such bigotry in full light of the day with our proud identities as Pakistanis, Indians and humans…

  5. Been checkin’ da Blog world 4 comments on this. Breaks my heart as a UK Pak wit Indian roots to see stuff like this & realising da levels state collusion and political posturing that goes on. India-Pak long term peace seems a pipe dream and who pays da price for the constant prevarication & point scoring?

  6. Saqib, thanks for leaving the comment. That was a good comment and also very touching. Your identity is most interesting and this is what explains the complexity of our mutual relationship[s]..
    We have to rise to the challenge of history and obscurantism to make a difference..

  7. Raza, except for the negative comments on blogs, the two governments have refrained from the usual mud slugging; i have so many indian colleagues and i have the good fortune of calling them my best friends; i guess it all comes down to giving the other person a benefit of doubt; lets hope that this change in attitude on the two sides of the borger prevails. i am happy to see your courage to ignore the earlier comments to your blog

  8. Naveed Saheb, many thanks for the comment. You are absolutely right – extremely encouraging signs for the peace process. Both the governments are showing restraint and goodwill. We face a common enemy – the sabotuers who wish to derail our literal and proverbial peace train.

    About my courage on posting the comment by nameless – I just wanted to show my readers that nameless elements howsoever dangerous they might be, must not be feared. Except that I will not give space to anonymous venom in the future..!

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