Dating in Pakistan (rambling on the Valentine’s Day)

Mayank Austen Soofi in Delhi is an interesting character. A good writer and a prolific blogger, he is also fascinated by Pakistan. One of his blogs is called Pakistan Paindabad.

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  1. “Why is there such an eagerness on the world’s part to term things Islamic or unIslamic all the time?”
    Well its because Muslims societies have been known to be very orthodox. And plus Islam always interests them.Other religions are known to soften with time but Islam has the reputation of never succumbing to contemporary norms of the society.

  2. Sharique, thanks for the comment.

  3. Entirely incidental that someone turned to you for soundbites on dating? I think not; reputations know no borders, particularly those relating to all affairs nocturnal. At the risk of sounding completely materialistic though, Valentines Day (or Mother/Father/Sister etc days for that matter) make good business sense. Benefitting from the globalised environment, may be we should look to export some of our own traditions: raakhi or aqiqas anyone? The latter may even help implement Pakistan’s livestock policy.

  4. You asked for it: Ramblings on Valentines Day

    On a clear day
    When puddles run smooth
    Umbrellas sit home
    People wear white
    And do not stain
    Throughout the day,
    You cloud my mind.

    On a clear day
    I do not fail
    To carry this pain
    Of rain, of lightening seeking
    Heart of things,
    Of trees afire
    In rain, in vain.

    On a clear day
    You seldom smile
    Or wink bemused.
    You wait for clouds
    And gales of hail
    To play with scheme of
    Things and me
    On a dead clear day.


  5. To see HUR in such a mood is encouraging !
    Rumi,have you read (if not edited !) Fehmida Riaz’s aacount of your alter-ago?

  6. I meant alter ego !!!

  7. Valentine’s Day, as well as Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, are all holidays for capitalism. As an American, I’m completely appalled that these frivolous holidays are celebrated around the world. I don’t want of rest of the world to be like America; I want to appreciate the unique beauty of each culture and country.

  8. To Meg:

    A little late, I should think, for us to lament American cultural exports. But as I said in an earlier post, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Hence the suggestion that the east (or south, depending on one’s bearings) should look to some homegrown cultural exports, although I’m hard pushed to find the nearest equivalent to Valentine’s Day in a South Asian context.

  9. […] We are neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its content. Dating in Pakistan (rambling on the Valentine’s Day) Mayank Austen Soofi in Delhi is an interesting character. A good writer and a prolific blogger, he […]

  10. i love you

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