Iraq – Emptiness of War (Unforgettable photos)


I could not sleep well this weekend. The images from Iraq, some sent by friends and the others discovered on the Internet kept on haunting me.

Jerry’s blog, that I stumbled upon today, has an amazing range of photographs. Here is one that tells a hundred tales..

—————————————————————————Visit this link to view more unforgettable photos from different eras and posted on a website appropriately titled as the “dismal world”.

War is nothing but futile, senseless and brutal power struggles that affects the unarmed, ordinary nameless citizens for decades to come. 

The dislocation is unforgivable (image credit)

And the emptiness and loss invade existence

Image credit

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  1. This illegal occupation is so horrific! I’m tired of the human suffering.

    I’ve posted a video on my blog which was done by a teenage girl who has had her life threatened by Bush supporters over the years because of her videos. Please take a peek at it. It will rip your heart out! Of course, Ava Lowery did this video to point out the stupidity of Ann Coulter. Not hard to do, of course, but the music with the images will make you weep with shame and weep with outrage about people like Ann Coulter.

  2. Inddeed war is nothing but futile and senseless, and brutal.

  3. Thanks Nooruddin for the comment..We have to oppose this deadly, vain instrument of war that solves nothing and creates havoc all around.

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