Katas Temple

I found this beautiful image on Pak Pics blog. The picture was uploaded by Naeem Rashid.

And read this in my inbox:

Jhooti Mooti Mitwa Awan Bole
Bhadon Bole Kabhi Sawan Bole


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  1. hey i need your help plz plz plz… cz i am having an assignment on KATAS TEMPLES…in which we hve to provide our assessor with a plan dat whether we should RENOVATE katas temples or not … in order to make it phisibal for da tourisits… i my self hve visited da temples twice n sum how i hve came to knw dat KATAS TEMPLES is supposed to be KABATULLAH of hindus like it is one of HINDU’s best SACRED PLACES… I hve stated my email address and want you to gve me FULL FLEDGE info abt it.. HOPE U’LL NOT LET ME DOWN..:P

    ahhhh 1 more thing my biography:

    AGE: 17
    INSTITUTE: STEP-Institute of Professional Development

  2. Dear young man

    I am writing program named “Pechaan” for PTV world. My one episode will be on KATAS.
    Katas has a rich history and intersted place.

    Keep it up you choosed a good topic.

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