Sufi Congregations – Videoclips from Zikr Sessions

My dear brother Syed Salman Chisty from Ajmer has uploaded some great links here . He has sent video clips of Sufi Zikr (spiritual gathering) in which he participated while he was in Jeddah, Al Hijaz (of all the places, yes..); and from an international conference in Singapore on Islamic spirituality. Sufism practiced in Saudia was most intriguing for me. Such Sufi congregations with music in the puritanical Saudi Arabia where Sufi practices, entrenched elsewhere in the Muslim world, are not endorsed by the state ideology of pure Islam.

The state machinery discourages worship at the shrines and has, reportedly, razed many graves of Muslim saints, companions of prophet and other luminaries of Islamic mysticism.

Here is a clip from a gathering in Jeddah:

And, watch this one from Saudia Arabia as well –

Singapore also has a thriving community of Sufis

Syed Salman serves at the dergah of Ajmer Sharif, India. He is steeped in the Chisty traditions. Here are some “Adhan” video clips from Ajmer Sharif – the blessed seat of Chishtyya Tariqat (ways of the Chistiya order of saints).

Here is a link to a website dedicated to promote World Sufi traditons.

I must thank Salman for sharing such interesting and inspiring clips..

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  1. i like this page and this video zikr i am also murid from my peer o murshhed khaladar shah peer qadri javgal shreef javgal karnataka. i want ur duwa in every thing

  2. this may be from Saudi Arabia but none of the participants look Saudis to me… they all seem to be immigrants from Pakistan, India , and other places…this form of zikar is haram… period…wake up and follow true Islam and stop introducing innovations to satisfy yourselves…do things to satisfy Allah…

    • Sri Haris, i think you do not know the history and sunnath of islam, and also you do not wish to be true muslim. in my suggestion, you may please go through our true Quran sharief,[specially surah khahaf etc.].
      and also you look into the hadees sharief. and to whom you are following tell them to come for clarification about sunnah and bidah.
      you are not a person to tell anything about islamic activities as haram or halal. be mind it in next time.
      Allah hafiz.

  3. Dear Brothers

    Hi assalaam waalikum

    I like this page i am a Mureed of hazarath khalandar shah per baba Javagal shareef

    But unfortunately In my faith i could see when he was alive, in my naseeb i went to see hin on wednesday he was no more in duniya but in my heart he is any time there really i am nothing withou out his blessing i will be requiring his blessing any time till my death & after my death,

    I really send sallam through my heartm

    Assalatu waaslaam yaa rasullallah

    Assalatu waasalaam Ya habiballah

    Assalaatu waasalaam ra Ghouse paak

    Assalaatu waasalaam yaa Ali

    Assalaatu waasalaam Yaa hassain

    Assalaatu waasalaam yaa hussain

    Assalaatu waasalaam yaa nishaan e Panjataan

    Assalaatu waasalaam Hazrath Khalandar shah perr

    Assalaatu waasalaam Hazarath Khwaja Garib nawaz

    Assalaatu waasalaam Hazarath tawakkal Mastaan

    Assalaatu waasalaam Hazarath Syed shah waaliyallah

    Assalaatu waasalaam ek lakh 24payganmaan e deen

    YEh allah IS nacheez ki duwaoh ko ap ne bar gaon me kuball ki je yeh


    • Salam alaikum
      My name is Mohamed ismail qadri Khalandari taken Bayath from Sha Khalandar Javagul Shareef.

      Who says Baba is No more he is still alive Wali Allah never Die Dunyadar people like us die Only they change their Status From Zahire to Batin if We are proper student of him Still we can meet him find out why we can not meet him the problem is ours. Dear peer bhai dont feel bad you can correct me if i am on the wrong foot. In fact all the peer bhai should look within themselve that what we hav Done for our silsa and find ways how we can serve our silsa.

    • wic you type it has touch to my heart really brother thanks

  4. Ammmmeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    Sum Ammmmennn

  5. Please remember Me in Dua

    Mohammed Zeeya.S


  6. assalamo alaikum
    mujhe a paij bahut pasand aaya my hazrath syed sha mohammad khalandar sha peera vali allah khadri jovgal shareef ka morid hoon mob 9845700987

  7. ASWK

    Mere saare peer bhaiyon ko matlab HAZRAT SYED MOHAMMED KHALANDAR SHAH PEERAN WALIALLAH JAVAGAL SHAREEF ke mureedon ko aapke bhai MOHAMMED.R ke taraf se salam…
    hum sab naseeb wale hain ke hume KHALANDAR PEER jaise wali mile… isliye shukriya ada karo… Bava kehte hain namaz kayam karo aur isha ki namaz ke baad zikr kiya karo… is baat pe amal karo, isime hamari bhalayi hai… aur roz bava ko darud aur salam bhejo.. any queries about bava plz mail to me

  8. aaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmeeeen

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