Ajmer – this Friday..

The saint of saints (Khawaje Khawaji-gaan) buried in Ajmer is a centre-point of Sufi thought and practice in the Indian subcontinent even today…

Pilgrims of all faiths, tribes and castes still pay homage on a daily basis seeking the Divine grace.

Ajmer is a true symbol of inter-faith harmony and the ocean where all streams mingle and merge..This is one of the places where wild roses are collected as an offering…

The main entrance to the shrine with the sign “Baab-i-Rahmat” inscribed above the front door.

You can sense the warmth and magnetism that pulls one towards the door..

The other entrance is also busy.

The architecture reflects the Mughal-Indian craftsmanship reflecting Khawaja’s native, ever-lasting ethos

This is a dreamy setting, with undulating hills and noisy settlements in the backdrop – and yet there is peace all around…


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  1. […] Raza Rumi has a marvelous photo essay on Ajmer, the center point of Sufism in the Indian Sub- continent. […]

  2. I wish that i may go to see Ajmer Sharif. No chances but hope is hope 😛

  3. Dear Raza Sahib,

    First of all I must congratulate you for your unique work and creating a remarkable website. It is great to see your Blog. I wish that as many peace loving people as possible should be made familiar with this. Most valuable work, illustrated with examples of co-existing. I think we all have a moral duty to introduce your website, widely as possible, and it will be very good if many more of those who have been working among people and with people, in very thick of life, use their Pen and thoughts to describe their experiences. It will be useful to the cause of humanity and peace in the World. What I suggest is that “Writers hands” should not be allowed to go “unused” but should be encouraged to “write” and I feel your Blog , a wonderful place for this cause.

    We (huma and myself) are greatful to you for introducing our website i.e. http://www.urduhamasr.dk
    to the other literature loving friends around the World through you website. Specially the note you have written, is very informative and impressive. We sincerely hope that like YOURs, our work will not go in vain.

    I will be contributing for your Blog, as I get time.
    Best wishes and regards from Huma and myself.

    Sincerely yours.
    Nasar Malik,

  4. aswk ajmer walle baba,
    allah kare yeh moka ajmer aane ka mujhe jald he mile


  5. khaja g more angana main aana,
    binti karat mohe charan se laga logi apna bana logi
    ghunghat uthao g mohe mukra diklaoo gi

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