Pictures from Delhi – Getting to Nizamuddin and Ghalib

My friend ST was in Delhi recently. After returning to Islamabad, he sent me the following pictures of his visits to the great locality of Nizamuddin in Delhi.

Here is a side view of the mosque at Nizamuddin’s shrine

I read this here: He is best known in history for inventing the famous Farsi proverb,”Hanooz Dilli dur ast”( Delhi is still far away) which he wrote in reply to the Royal Decree issued by Sultan Ghayasuddin Tughlaq, who had ordered him to leave Delhi before his arrival from the East India where the Sultan had crushed a rebellion. Nizamuddin Auliya wrote that famous line inside the royal decree, which in itself was considered contempt to the throne, punishable by death. However, the Sultan never made it to Delhi, and died in his sleep just on the outskirts of Delhi when his castle’s roof collapsed.

Another one of the shrine. Look at the colours and variety of devotees


And before you see the hustle bustle of Nizamuddin, Ghalib’s lonesome tomb greets the visitors…

Check this site for some lovely renditions of Ghalib 

And, ST was wise to take a nice shot of the grave itself. Note the inscription on the top of the tombstone on the omnipresence of the Almighty – Ya Hayu, Ya Qayumu

Ghalib’s verse in English:

“When there was nothing, there was God
If nothing had been, God would have been
My very being has been my downfall
If I hadn’t been, what would it have mattered?”

translation discovered here

 Thank you ST for sharing the pictures and enabling me to undertake a virtual tour of these surreal lanes. I am reminded of Ham ko Maloom hai janat ki haqeeqat…competently translated and found here 

I know the truth about the promise of heaven
Still, it’s a nice thought to keep the heart amused.

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  1. Taking the vitual tour has at least one downside- you missed the food outside at Karim’s.

  2. Lutf aa gaya. Shukria.

  3. Beautiful pictures and words 🙂 Thank you for bringing them to us.

    Ya Haqq!

  4. Dear Bhupinder
    Quite right-one would not enjoy the tender kebabs at Kareem’s via the internet –
    there are visas, police reporting systems and what not…!

    Irving and Adnan: thanks for visiting and liking the post. I want to do more on Ghalib but getting a right translation or even attempting a rough translation is a herculean task..

    in other words: “..lana hai juay-i-sheer ka”

  5. …this wanderer…an aashiq of ghalib ended up in new delhi…wishing to pay a tribute to ghalib he enquired around and was told ghalib’s mazar is in the nizamuddin area…a locality named after hazrat nizamuddin aulia…go to the ghalib academy there…so the next day he ended up at the ghalib academy …somebody there assigned an office peon to unlock the iron doors to ghalib’s mazar just round the corner from the academy…as the wanderer entered the premises and found ghalib’s resting place he looked around and saw the graveyard attached to hazrat nizamuddin’s dargah across the bustling street…standing there… looking at ghalib’s grave and graves in the nizamuddin courtyard …instead of the fateha the wanderer recited:

    yeh ma’sa’il-e-tasaw’woof, yeh t’ra bayaan ghalib
    tujhay hum wali samajhtay, jo na baada khaar hota

    mayank did a write up recently here (the pictures are not as nice tho’)

  6. And thanks toya for enabling virtual tour to these places …!

  7. i want pictur of muslim dargah and all deitels of muslim religion

  8. Nice Site and beautiful pictures please do visit my site also and let me know your comments on it and also if I have missed any dargah let me know

    imran shaikh

  9. I had alwasy wanted to ‘visit’ Ghalib’s grave. You have now made it possible!
    Thanks a lot!!!

  10. Respected Brother

    I am interested to visit these places in India with my Friend so please can you send us an invitation to travel to India as it is requirement for obtaining the Visa from Pakistan to have one.

    I will be grateful for your positive response.


    Sheraz Butt & Abdul Hameed

    Add: Butt & Sohail Law Chamber
    272, Sikenderpura, G.T. Road,
    Peshawar, NWFP, Pakistan.

  11. Dear Sheraz and Abdul Hamid, I am not based in India. These pictures were taken by a friend who visited Delhi recently and sent me the images in view of my interests. I trust that the visa policy is being reviewed and very soon, if the news-reports are correct, a seven day visa will be easily issued to India. This is a positive development indeed. take care and thanks for leaving the comment.


  13. nice pictures.
    I visited Ghalib’s tomb in Dec 2004.
    Here is a closeup of the inscription and translation:


  14. this is the touch of my heart.this is feel like close to god.insha allah allah aap ko aour nek hidayat aour kamiyabi de.aamin

  15. Shahid Saheb
    Very touching remarks..many thanks and pray more for a falliable soul such as mine..

  16. I enjoyed the article on the sufis and shrines of Delhi. Many thanks for sharing it with me. I know next to nothing about Urdu poetry or for that matter Ghalib or Khusraw (and ironically enough these places are easily accessible to me, such is the tragedy of politics) and I will be coming here to enlighten myself.

    Btw, I loved the reference to “non-Indo-Pak peace brigade status” 🙂

  17. Many thanks for the comment. I am gald that you liked reading my personalized account of Delhi..
    Please do visit these places as you will explore a world that is both quaint and modern, real and surreal..
    Keep visiting..

  18. It was very nice to see the great peace giving pictures but if you can do a grat favour and tht is pictures of shrine of baba bulleh shah ji..

  19. If possible please arrange for baba bulleh shah shrines images..
    bahut bahut shukriya

  20. Dear I have no website…

  21. Ghalib has always remained close to my heart. This was exceptional tour, in which i enjoyed very much. behad shukriyaa for sharing! Brilliant.

  22. Raza sahib,the house/haveli of Ghalib can also be found, by the very determined, in the bylanes of purani dilli.It is in utter disrepair and many families live in it(not legally I think).Unfortunately inspite of articles from time to time on how all heritage sites should be preserved nothing much happens.

  23. Take a virtual tour of the haveli at this link:

  24. The main write up is at this site :

  25. nice blog and thanks for the details abt GHALIB SAHIB!!

  26. […] post on the pictures of Nizamuddin Auliya’s dergah (shrine) attracted a visitor whose devotion to […]

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