My blog is a stranger to me & Mir – saare aalam mein bhar raha hai ishq

What dependent creatures we are..

Since last week, there is no power supply at my house. It has been a time of reflection and getting back to books in dim candle lit rooms. Refreshingly quaint but this has meant that my blog is a stranger to me..

 I cannot blog duing work-hours. This is against my grain and internet cafes’ are noisy, crowded spaces…

I got back to the poetry of Mir Taqi Mir – the finest of Urdu poets. Have been humming this ghazal..

Kya kahun tum se main ke kya hai ishq,
Jaan ka rog hai, bala hai ishq.

Ishq hi ishq hai jahaan dekho,
Saare aalam mein bhar raha hai ishq.

Ishq maashuq ishq aashiq hai,
Yaani apna hi mubtala hai ishq.

Ishq hai tarz-o-taur ishq ke taeen,
Kahin banda kahin Khuda hai ishq.

Kaun maqsad ko ishq bin pohuncha,
Aarzoo ishq wa mudda hai ishq.

Koi khwaahan nahin mahabbat ka,
Tu kahe jins-e-narawa hai ishq.

Mir ji zarad hote jaate hain,
Kya kahin tum ne bhi kiya hai ishq?

Will translate this for the non Urdu readers but I need time and some light I suppose – this time ‘within’

I will reappear tomorrow…

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  1. Wah!This will remain with me for many days!!Thanks for the beautiful post.Har shaer goya kooze main darya.Lets see how you translate it….

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