Ghoom Taana by Junoon

Great that I discovered this music video on Youtube. This may not be the best of compositions but it has the magical voice of Shubha Mugdal and a heartfelt theme. Ghoom Tana is a larger sufi metaphor representing the wheel-like journey of human life. More on this later..

“Ghoom Taana” reminds us of “our interconnected multicultural human identity even as we remain Indians or Pakistanis by nationality.” Read more about this video here and here.

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  2. thanks a lot for this.

    subhal mudgal is no doubt one of the best classical singer of indian subcontinent. the background story of the music is also fascinating.

    it shows how the artists can have very positive impact on the social issues by contributing to the society.

  3. Thanks for leaving the comment. Indeed this video is a striking example of how artists can bridge political divides and bring people together. Another reason for liking this song is the fact that it also popularizes, albeit in a commercial way, a central sufi concept of the journey, a wheel like motion – of soul – in the pop format. I am excited by innovations – life’s little pleasures!
    I agree with your remark on Shubha Mugdal – she is indeed one of our best and her voice resonates the entirety of subcontinental ethos. She has been a regular participant of Jashn-i-Khusrau festivals in Delhi and sings Sufi kaafis, ghazals.

  4. Thanks, Raza.

  5. What a great website. It makes me so happy to see its thought-provoking and pleasure-giving content. Thank you Raza Rumi. Thank you!

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