My heart is open to all winds..

I am grateful to Zahid Hussein from Islamabad for introducing me to these lines. The Wahdatul Wajood (Unity of Being)school of thought in Sufism is attributed to the musings of Ibn-e-Arabi…

My heart is open to all winds:
It is a pasture for gazelles
And a home for Christian monks,
A temple for idols
The Black Stone of the
Mecca pilgrim,
The table of the Torah
And the book of the Koran.
Wherever God’s caravans turn,
The religion of love shall be my religion
And my faith.

(Muhammad Ibn ‘Arabi Mystic, philosopher, poet, sage Spain, 1165-1240)
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  1. Dear Raza,

    what a coincidence! everytime I browse through this space of yours, I come across lines and poetry that I have also saved in my journal. These lines remain my favourite to date. Here is what I have, a slightly different translation of the original piece.

    My heart has adopted every shape;
    it has become a pasture for gazellas and
    a convent for Christian monks,
    A temple for idols and
    a pilgrims Kabah,
    the tables of a Torah and the pages of a Quran,
    I follow the religion of love;
    wherever love’s camel turn,
    there love is my religion and my faith.

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